About This Site

Lug Nuts on Saturn?

If you haven't figured it out already, the purpose of this site isn't to provide answers, but rather, to raise questions.

Case in point: this background image of Saturn, courtesy of NASA. The Learning Channel describes it as 'bizarre', even though the feature appears at both poles of that planet. Yet anyone familiar with Masaru Emoto's work with photographing frozen water molecules here on Earth will recognize the form immediately.

Everywhere there is a science, there is a boundary. This site attempts to explore the periphery of the scientifically-known world from experiences within and outside the boundary. Think of it as having one foot on the proveable, and the other on the outside of the boundary, and the boundary starts to expand. Hopefully as you start to lose your balance you will find an otherwise absurdity becomes something of a handhold. As in life, some handholds crumble, and some hold firm. Both outcomes contribute to your perception of faith.

As I come across products that stretch the boundaries of our experience I try to point them out. Hopefully some of them will strike a chord with you and I can earn a small commission. And when I get the blog on board, I hope you will relate your experience with these products, good or bad. For a crumbling handhold for you might be a matter of groping around just a few inches further that provides a solid handhold for another.

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